Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have completed two more projects in the last couple of days. One was inspired by pinterest and the other I just felt like making. The pinterest one came from this image:

Make-up Magnet Board--GENIUS.

You know, of course, that I love the colour - I mean, it's turquoise, isn't it? - and so I had to have one for myself! I used an old cookie sheet instead of a frame and I am really happy with how it turned out. See?

This will be in our new bathroom. It is more of a pale blue than a turquoise but I was mixing colours up using my acrylics and I am pretty pleased with it. I had some good magnets on hand and used a dab of E6000 to glue them on to the backs of all my make up. I can hardly wait to get this into the new bathroom!

The other crafty thing that I made was just for fun. I have a big box of buttons - some from my mother, some I have bought, some my friend gave me. I decided that I wanted to show off some of them. And so I did this - lovely buttons in beautiful shades of blue and green and in my favourite shape!

Did you notice the apple shaped button right in the middle? I got it years ago from a good friend - you know, the whole give an apple to the teacher idea - and never figured out where to use it. I love it in the centre of this piece. I will be hanging this in the stairwell gallery at the new house. It is making me crazy that I can picture it all so clearly and, yet, I have to wait before we can get in there. Only 6 days until we get the keys!

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