Saturday, December 3, 2011

We got the keys!!!!

So, today we got our first look at the apartment. All I can say is that we have our work cut out for us. The previous tenant was meant to get the apartment paint ready and cleaned up before he left but he didn't. You name it and we probably have to do it!

I had figured we would have to paint but it is going to be a BIG job! All the walls are currently avocado green or banana yellow. There are spider webs hanging everywhere, stickers on the walls and tons of holes to be filled in. YUCK!!! I am off to find just the right paint for the space. I know that I want most of the walls white - but not a cold white. I want a warm, cozy white and then I want to do the baseboards in the same white but in a gloss. There is very little wall in the kitchen and I am contemplating doing a turquoise or blue there. We'll see. 

I forgot to bring my camera home with me from work but I will go in on Monday and get some before pictures to show. You will not believe it when you see it!

I know that it will look wonderful once we are all done but looking at the amount we have to do in the next two weeks (while working full time no less!) is very, very overwhelming! The furniture will all be moved two weeks from today. We have to paint, move everything else AND get ready for Christmas before then. So, I am off to make a list so that I can keep my stress under control. Wish me luck!

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