Monday, November 21, 2011

Our new home is going to be the smallest space in which we have ever lived. It is roughly 800 sq. feet. I feel equal parts excitement and trepidation. Excitement because I love organizing and decorating. I get a real charge out of figuring out how to use a space in the most efficient manner and still maintain our eclectic sense of style. Trepidation because it is so small!!!! We will be getting rid of about 6 pieces of furniture and at least 40% of our belongings. In the last two weeks I have sent 6 boxes and 1 bag to the Sally Anne. That probably amounts to 2% of what we need to get rid of in the next month. Yikes I still have a lot to do!

One thing I didn't expect to happen is that I would start to feel lighter as I fill box after box. As the rooms clear of books, decorative accessories, picture frames, crafty stuff I never use anymore, clothes, shoes and more I feel better and better. It is a lightness in my soul. I am left only with those items that we truly treasure.

One thing that I can't decide  what to do with is the papasan chair that our daughter saved up her money to buy when she was around 12. It came from Pier 1. She doesn't want it anymore - her room now has a black and white/Marilyn Monroe/Audrey Hepburn theme going on and the papasan just doesn't fit. hubby hates it. And I do mean he HATES it!

Papasan Chair & Frame - Brown

But it is one of the most comfortable chairs ever! It is just the right size to curl up in under a cozy blanket to read. I really, really want to have a chair in the corner of our master bedroom. And today I found this pillow that goes on it. In teal! In fuzzy teal! In come over and curl up on me cozy, fuzzy teal!

Plush Teal Papasan Cushion

I find that with small space living there are only so many places to go for privacy. Basically, the only times I can have true privacy are in the bath or in bed. So, I often end up reading in one or the other of these locations. But I really, really want a place to curl up. Only problem (well, besides the fact that my hubby hates it!) is that it is not a small chair. It takes up space. Keeping it will definitely mean getting rid of something else - most likely one of the pieces that I really want to keep.

So, what's a girl to do? It would be a heck of a lot cheaper to buy the new pillow for the papasan and call it a day. But do I want a piece of furniture in our bedroom that my hubby hates? Wouldn't that be bad karma or something? And does a papasan chair really fit in with the vision I have of the new place. Maybe I should leave that corner empty until I have the means to buy the just right chair. Maybe something like this?
cosy, clean, gorgeous
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# pillow

pastel blue walls and candle lit fireplace
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I Love the painted sign behind the chair.


that lounge

Hmmmm....have to say that after looking over these pics of such lovely, cozy chairs I think that I am going to thank the papasan for being in my life and then let it go. I would rather wait and find the chair that really calls  my name. Gee, I love when I start a post with a question and manage to answer it myself by the end! Go me!

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