Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There is nothing good about being sick. I remember when I was a kid and was thrilled to miss a day of school when I was sick so that I could lie on the sofa, sucking on popsicles and watching cartoons. A sick day was like a holiday! Now, it is just boring. And painful... Bronchitis is just one cough after another resulting in really, really sore muscles! 

So, while my body is not co-operating, my mind is (of course)  buzzing with a zillion and one things it wants to do right now! So, on my mind right now:
  • wanting to invent a cough suppressant that really works
  • wishing I had the dimensions of the new house so that I could plan better
  • thinking about school and wondering how the kids are doing
  • planning Christmas gifts
  • wondering how to make something like these cool purses from circle craft by noelle hamlyn. My old Power Boys and Trixie Beldens are calling out to have this done to them!
  • how pinterest really is addictive
  • how I have pinned far more ideas than I will ever, ever have time to create!
  • how watching tv becomes really, really monotonous after awhile - who knew?
  • and some new ideas for our new home - tentative moving date mid December sometime
via apartment therapy - we have an old bike in the backyard that came from a friend who moved away. It is beautifully rusted and would look great as a potrack!

Love it!
via tumblr - I want to paint over one of my old paintings and do something like this for the new house

Hearts in Places Art
via tumblr - I would love to do this for Georgia and New York with a little heart pin on my Dad's hometown and my mum's hometown

a way to show off my fave fabrics via purlbee.com

via curbly.com - I have the table legs and the suitcase. Now I just need the energy!

via bijoukaleidoscope - so, so cool!

via cloth to creation - I really want to do this in our small storage closet. I think the closet is about the size of a double bed and we already own at least 10 of these suitcases. Our storage is going to have to be super efficient and this idea is a definite to do on my list!!!!

And now I am going to take a nap. Again....

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