Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another pinterest idea comes to life...

I saw this on pinterest


and knew I had to do it for myself. My hubby is a collector of all things old and eclectic. That is why I call him my crow - he is always bringing me home things like a crow bringing things to its nest. In his wanderings he has brought home a number of old tins. I knew that they would be perfect for this idea. A little bit of E6000 glue, a few magnets and voila!

I would like to have one more since I think all things are better in threes. I feel sure that my crow will be able to find one that I can add to the set.

And the doll? It is one of a series of dolls I made many, many years ago with magnets in their hands and feet. This one is called "running from success." It was based on a set of activities I did with an art group I belonged to at the time.

Now, I'm off to make something else. What is it you ask? Well, I will give you a hint....

 Stay tuned!

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