Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boredom Busters

Being sick has to be one of the most boring things ever. I am still sick (the antibiotics are starting to kick in but I was put on steroids today to bring down the inflamation) but I am so glad that I am finally feeling well enough to do some puttering around the house. I have been going through stuff and filling box after box for donation. I am trying to give away two boxes for every one I pack for the new house.

Today I started sorting through my studio stuff. In my sorting I came across some felt, ribbon and fabric scraps that gave me an idea. Since I would rather be creative than anything else, I took a break from puttering and made these.

 I grabbed my letter stamps, an ink pad and some skeleton keys. I tore the canvas in strips and then stamped out "the key to my" and added a heart stamp. I didn't have a heart stamp to use so I made one with a carrot!

It turned out great! I stamped the heart on the end of each phrase then hand sewed the strips of canvas to the front  of the heart with black thread. Then I used a black zigzag stitch to close the heart up. A little black ribbon bow holding the skeleton key on and bob's your uncle!

I haven't decided what I'll do with them but at least now I have less fabric, felt and ribbon to pack! I think that I will probably keep one (since I like them!) and give the rest as gifts or maybe list them in my etsy shop. We'll see....

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