Sunday, October 30, 2011


Do you know this show on HGTV? It is where the home organizer goes into the house of a family that is overcome by clutter and disorganization. She lets them keep the bare essentials - and I mean the BARE essentials - for one month and packs up the rest of the house into storage. This show appeals to me on so many levels. The room that is opened up by the packing off of the stuff, the letting go of items &/or memories attached to items that are holding us back, the moving on to a new kind of living...I want that for our family.

Our move next month will allow me to do my own version of this show. We are in two places at once for the month of December. I plan to have Christmas at the new house. All I plan to have there is a tree, a table and some chairs. A very pared down Christmas. I want the new house to be different from this one. I only want items that I love or use all the time to move with us. So far, I have filled four boxes with give aways and made a list of 8 pieces of furniture that we will not be taking. Lucky my hubby, the crow, does not really care what goes or stays.

I want clean lines, bright open spaces and a sense of peace when we walk in the door.
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I want the house to be a true home and not just another stopping place for our family. I know that it will happen. I just have to remember to be patient since I always want everything yesterday!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My family likes to move... a lot. We have lived in nine places in the same city since our daughter's birth 15 years ago. It seems crazy when I hear myself say it but it all made sense at the time! We have lived in everything from basement suites to apartment buildings to houses. We moved for a variety of reasons... mold allergies, having the house sold by our landlords, having crazy landlords, needing to be in a certain school catchment, you name it.

BUT...we are finally moving into a place that we have wanted to live in for years. We got into a co-op in a neighbourhood that is dear to our hearts. We lived in this neighbourhood for the first two years of our life together. Our daughter was born in this neighbourhood. We shop in this neighbourhood. Our doctors are here. Our weekends are spent here. And, now, we will be living here for good. No possibility of crazy landlords, having our place sold out from under our feet or being in a poorly maintained house filled with mold.

I am beyond excited. I have plans to live here for a long, long time. Maybe even until I retire! We are getting a two bedroom suite with hardwood floors and a small deck. It is on the top floor in a row of houses that are like brownstones in New York. We have a lovely front stoop and will get lots of natural light. It is in our favourite neighbourhood and, best of all, because it is a co-op, it is affordable. No more spending almost 50% of my salary on rent each month. Hurray!!!!

Since finding out that we were chosen to become members at the co-op, I have become a pinterest junkie! Searching for images that call out to me in terms of decorating. This house is NOT going to be just one more house on our life's journey together. This house is going to be a HOME. In every place we have lived before, I always knew that it was a stopping place NOT a staying place. Finally, we are moving somewhere where we won't be at the mercy of landlords. I am beyond excited.

I have created this blog to track my journey as I work to create our first real home - a place that is painted, decorated, fixed up by us. My inspiration for colours is coming from a mug given to me by a dear friend on the death of my father. It is the mug I go to each night to warm me at the end of a long day.  It is a reminder of my father, a holder of his memory and of the love my friend has shown me over the years.

I love these colours. The blue makes me think of the beach in Florida where we spent childhood vacations visiting with my dad's Southern family. And, brown? Well, it is one of my favourite colours and I just love, love, love the way the two work together. I want our new home to be filled with white, turquoise and the rich, dark brown of our antiques. I want it to be a place of light, relaxation, and country in the city charm. I want it to be the staying place I have always yearned for in our lives. A place where walking in the door allows me to let go of the stresses in my outside life and enjoy quiet time with my family.

So, welcome to 9 Houses, 1 Home and I hope that you enjoy following me on this journey to create a one of a kind home for my family!