Monday, July 30, 2012

On the farm...

I had the delightful opportunity to go to a party in farm country the other night. A friend of mine turns 50 this year and his parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year as well so they threw a 50/50 party.

There was a western theme which was very fitting as he grew up on a hobby farm. While they no longer have a plethora of animals on the farm, it is still a very bucolic and peaceful place to be.

And it was filled with all things old. I went photo crazy!!!

The farm next door does still have farm animals. A lot of cows!!!!
And, look at all the shades of green. Oh my!!!

Love the table decorations. there were vases tied with bandanas, horseshoes and barbed wire. It was really cool!

You know what I liked about this one, don't you? All the rust!!!! Bring on the rust, baby!

Boy, I sure do wish that my cowboy boots still fit me! Darn daughter! Being pregnant made my feet go up one size. What a drag, huh?

Can't you just see the checkered table cloth on the ground with a picnic basket and a good bottle of vino?

This old, weathered building was one of my favourite things at the party. Tucked away near the field where we parked our cars (yes, we parked in the field beside the cows!) it has seen better days. Which, of course, is why I love it so!

The dinner was held in what is actually the carport. Not that you could tell with all the tables set up and the carport decorated. Charming!

Living on the farm would never work for me (I am way, way too city for that to ever happen!) but it sure was a lovely place to visit. Good company, good food, good times!

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