Tuesday, July 31, 2012

another summer challenge project completed!

So, as you know I got tired of just pinning away like mad on pinterest without trying to do some of the fabulous ideas for myself. I created my Summer Challenge pinterest board so that I could choose my favourite projects and (hopefully) do them all before the summer ends and my vacation time is over.

Well, my summer holidays are half over and I am sad to say that I have not finished half of the pins. Sigh... I have done 5 completely so far. And I have a couple in process. Still that is better than none, right?

Yesterday I went over to my friend Carol's house to sew. And I started and finished (go me!) this bag. The bag came from a dollar store and the fabric was left over from a donation from one of my class parents this year.

The bag is based on this pin here.

Pinned Image
from sew.craft.create

Cute, huh?  I am thinking about adding one more ruffle at the bottom so that the bottom of the bag is completely covered like the inspiration bag but have not yet made up my mind. Either way, I am liking it!

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